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Artist Profile #7: Aviad Cohen

Posted on : 24-11-2010 | By : Rob Reed | In : Artist Profiles, Free Downloads, Video

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Aviad Cohen is a talented, Jewish songwriter, currently living in Boise, Idaho, who writes songs for Yeshua Ha Mashiach (Jesus Christ).

(1) Tell us how you came to Christ

Israeli born Jew, moved to Brooklyn NY at age 2. Raised in Conservative Judaism, went to Conservative and Orthodox Jewish schools and Yeshivas. Grew up and got into New Age and other things. Later launched a career as 50 Shekel, a Jewish rapper, which turned into an overnight online sensation. Was being groomed by Orthodox Rabbis in NYC to become an Orthodox Jewish example to the Jewish community at large. I was realizing that the Judaism I was raised in all my life was predominantly focused on man-made tradition and pretty much void of God’s Word, especially the book of Prophets in the Tanakh (Old Covenant) which share a lot of prophecy about the Messiah. God used believers to contact me online at my website (including Jews For Jesus, whom I later met) and people shared the Good News with me and inspired me to read the Bible.

Israel by Aviad Cohen (Right-click link for Free Download)

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Yehovah’s Only Son by Aviad Cohen (Right-click link for Free Download)

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A few supernatural situations occurred. Yeshua revealed Himself to me in a huge personal way. I read the Bible and prayed to God to reveal His truth to me, repented of my sins, surrendered my life to Him, got mikvah’d (baptized) and have been a follower of Yeshua Messiah for over 5 years now. It’s not easy walking the narrow path but I thank god for His grace that He extends towards me. When I fall, I repent and get back up again and hold on to His promises.

I have made three evangelically driven albums within the past 4 years and have shared the Good News on the streets and at events where I am invited to minister at. I also spent a year living in Israel, where God set up so many divine appointments for me to share the Good News with Jews, Arabs and many other people of the nations. Their response was rather favorable. I also gave out a lot of my CDs in Israel and they enjoyed the music and it ministered to them. I planted seeds. What can I Jew? Yeshua rocks….I roll with Him.

(2) Tell us a little bit about you…

I’m a self-employed Website Producer and Designer. People can check out the services I offer as well as my portfolio at http://www.acmediaservices.com. I build and design websites for music artists, congregations, churches and various companies in the USA and abroad. I love my “tent making” job and have earned a reputation for providing excellent service to my clients.

(3) Where can we find your music?

You can visit my website www.HookedOnTheTruth.com where you can listen to all of my music for free and also check out the “Shop” page where you can purchase CDs and MP3s. CD Sets of all three of my albums are also available there along with bulk packs of the albums that people can purchase and give out to those whom they are sharing the Good News with.

(4) Do you have a favorite song that you have written… and why? Or choose one and talk about the inspiration behind it…

I wrote the song “Israel” a few years ago when the war broke out when Lebanon attacked Israel. It’s become a favorite of my family, the unsaved that listen to my music and believers who enjoy what God is doing through this ministry. Beyond that, I love the evangelical anthems “Fire Starter” and “Good News To Mission Control.” The audio Scripture readings on my albums are probably some of the favorite audio pieces that I have composed and created which people love. It helps them remember Scripture.

(5) What’s your favorite Bible verse, if any?

Yochanan (John) 3:16. It’s the Good News in a nutshell or in a matzoh ball, if Jew know what I mean 🙂 I also love Isaiah 53, which I have put to music and sound design in a unique way on my latest album, “Forgiven.” The book of Acts is my favorite book in the Bible since you see the Good News in action – being spread all over and people repenting and giving their lives to Yeshua Messiah, even at the cost of their very own lives. I also love the Scripture about the Samaritan woman at the well. I recently did a video reading of it online at my YouTube page.

(6) Are you working on new music now?

I’m just streaming all of my music online for free, even though people can also buy the albums on my website in CD and MP3 format.

People can also support the ministry in the Giving page at my website. It surely helps a lot, especially as I will be able to build up a budget for the next project, which will probably consist of more audio Scripture readings, which people tend to really love. Believers love those tracks and even non-believers love the audio Scripture reading tracks. When you listen to them, you feel like you are there. That’s what some people tell me. God gets all the glory.

I can’t even read sheet music and it’s amazing what The Holy Spirit does through me. It’s a very humbling experience. Perhaps in time I will do more audio Scripture readings. It’s just rather time consuming and somewhat expensive and I am not in a financial position to do so at this time. But at the same time, I make unique outreach videos, which I post on my Facebook and YouTube pages and people enjoy them and use them as outreach resources as they share the Good News with non-believers.

(7) Who are your musical influences?

Electronica and Euro Dance music, Film scores, 80s Synth Pop music and classical music as well as film sound design. I enjoy listening to Baroque music when I build websites and do other work. I also love to listen to The Word of Promise Audio Bible Series on my iTunes player and iPhone.

(8) Who are your favorite Christian music artists?

Keith Green, Twila Paris, Matt Redman, Mark Harris, 2nd Chapter of Acts, Michael W. Smith, Tree 63, Eoghan Heaslip and the late Larry Norman. The music that came out of the 70s Jesus Movement was amazing. It was the real deal – no compromise – totally sold out for Jesus. Keith Green’s “The Prodigal Son Suite”, 2nd Chapter of Acts version of the hymnal “O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus” and Twila Paris’ “He Is Exalter” are amongst my favorite songs.

(9) What church, if any, do you attend? Where located? Are you on the worship team?

I’m looking into going to a local church I was recommended to attend where people are allowed to participate in various ways. I really prefer a “home group” atmosphere though. I’m not on a worship team but I do enjoy when people bring me out to minister through sharing the Word, my testimony and songs.


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